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Nissan Exec on One Big Mistake Marketers Make

Relevance is defined as “the condition of being connected with the matter at hand.” (Dictionary.com) When we talk about magazines and other print media and their relevance, we have to think in terms of that connection – not just to the matter at hand, but to the content and the consumers that create that connection. … Continue reading

Print Audiences Often “Most Powerful” for Your Brand

Bill Curtis knows a thing or two about media brands. As CEO of the Robb Report, he has seen his brand evolve from a print magazine publisher to a multi-media company. “I’m confident that Robb Report will be in print form for my lifetime, but I’m also aware that our growth mostly comes from other … Continue reading

Survey Says: Readers Prefer Paper to Screens

We’ve been saying this for a while now: study after study confirms that consumers by and large prefer printed paper over digital readers when consuming all types of information (marketers agree). The latest study finds that “88 percent of respondents indicated that they understood, retained or used information better when they read print on paper … Continue reading

Next Time Someone Says This, Feel Free to Roll Your Eyes

Let’s face it: The next time you hear or read someone saying “print is dead,” you can pretty much peg them immediately as out of date and out of touch. You are allowed to roll your eyes or chuckle softly to yourself while slowly shaking your head. “Traditional media businesses are not idiots and by … Continue reading

Magazine Brand Influence Higher Than Ever

Now this is how you bust a myth. “Contrary to the prevailing narrative in some quarters (‘magazines are print, print is dying, therefore so is the magazine industry’), consumer engagement with magazine brands is growing rapidly,” notes Sue Todd in MediaTel. “People are interacting with magazines on multiple platforms and formats across the whole content … Continue reading

Tech-Savvy Teens Still Prefer Print

Born with technology at their fingertips, today’s teens are truly digital natives, learning to speak the language of social media and digital discovery as easily as learning to talk. Yet, somewhat surprisingly, they prefer to read books in print according to recent data from Nielsen Research. “While younger readers are open to e-books as a … Continue reading

What We Know About Magazines and Young Readers

Fact: Print magazines reach more adults and teens than the top 25 primetime TV programs (Magazine Media Factbook 2014 data). Surprised? You’re not alone. “There’s a common belief these days that only older people read magazines. Even if you’ve read about how custom magazines drive online sales and web traffic, you may be hesitant to … Continue reading

7 Reasons Magazines Belong in Your Media Plan

Can magazines play an effective part of my marketing campaign? This question is being asked in marketing blogs and industry events and the answer is ringing back with a big “yes.” As luxury retailers and digital commerce sites launch in print, marketers are again extoling the virtues of the medium. So we know it’s a … Continue reading

What’s in your Pocket right now?

Money clip, wallet, car keys, smart phone, chewing gum, spare change….Wait,….. smart phone!?  Think about it for a minute. Look around right now where ever you are and I would bet you see someone on their smart phone.  They are everywhere we look these days. This is a tremendous opportunity for automotive marketers to take … Continue reading

Magazine Ads Continue to Engage and Motivate

What ad medium shows “remarkably consistent and high levels of recall and actions taken”? None other than print magazine ads, according to GfK Starch research. The findings, based on customer engagement analysis of more than half a million print ads, show that “35% of magazine readers have taken action on a print magazine ad in … Continue reading