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Where’s the Print in Your Funnel?

We’ve known for a while now that campaigns are more effective when print is part of the mix. Now, new research from Millward Brown shows that print has the power to continue to engage long after other channels have fallen off. Guy Consterdine in FIPP notes, “TV and online advertising showed diminishing returns after four … Continue reading

A Simple Explanation on How Magazine Ads Work

For some in the magazine media industry, the future of an ad-supported online magazine model was pretty obvious. “We all saw programmatic coming, and dropped our sense of quality and dignity,” said Rebekah Billingsley of John Brown Media. (Billingsley was quoted by Esther Kezia Harding in The Media Briefing, after speaking at the recent Digital … Continue reading

More Killer Reasons Why Brands Need Print

Many brands that ditched print during the recession are climbing back on board the ink and paper train. Rightly so, according to these industry experts…it’s got massive potential that digital just can’t match. The marketing industry is clearly seeing a trend in the wake of the massive changes of the last several years. As the … Continue reading

Moving the Bar on the Metrics that Really Matter

When it comes to influencing the KPIs that build brands, magazine media outperforms any other environment. Brands looking to raise KPIs in their marketing efforts would be wise to partner with magazine media, according to a recent report from Magnetic. “It’s clear that across environments, magazine media delivers against the metrics that truly matter to … Continue reading

Print Holds Court in the Cross-platform Ad Landscape

While “cross-platform” is undeniably a buzzword, this data shows that brands are not all that into multi-channel campaigns. “Cross-platform is THE new buzzword, but how integrated is advertising really?” MediaRadar posed this question in May in its post, “How Integrated is the Ad Landscape?” The answer? Not so much. As the infographic in the article … Continue reading

Rock, Paper, Scissors: Research Says Print Beats Mobile

As retailers face the digital ad meltdown, new research shows that print’s better at driving purchases than mobile ads or shopping apps. This news might not have Target turning Cartwheels, but recent research shows that retail print ads reach more consumers than mobile ads, email or shopping apps. “The first study, from Fluent, examines the … Continue reading

Yes, Magazines Rock as Ad Platforms

Optimistic thinking from a print geek? Nope, it’s scientific fact from consumer research. It’s not idle speculation, but a scientific fact:  Magazines are scientifically proven to be really effective as advertising platforms. “Research into subconscious responses to ads indicates that magazines actually offer a highly effective context for placing ads,” writes Heather Andrew, CEO of … Continue reading

Print media will always win.

Why one content expert says “Long Live Print!” amid the growing excess of digital content that butters his bread. Print media will always win. Those words might be expected from someone who makes a living selling books or magazines. To hear them from an editor at a major content marketing house, though, makes you sit … Continue reading

Why Catalogs? Because They Work

Want to boost your e-commerce revenues by 163%? Try a print catalog. The formula is ridiculously simple. Send a catalog, get more sales. It worked for Penney’s last year, and it’s working for other companies too. It’s not just for direct sales, either. A creatively executed catalog combined with a solid social marketing strategy can … Continue reading

Print Drives More Shoppers than Social or Mobile ads

What types of campaigns are most likely to drive in foot traffic? Print gets it done, ranking #2 overall. Timetrades’ 2016 State of Retail Report contains some surprises for marketers who are leaning heavily on social and mobile advertising. “Special promotions on retailer websites (55%) represent the top marketing initiative (of 7 listed) that consumers … Continue reading