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4 Things You Must Realize About Magazine Ads

First, a word of caution: Learning just these four things about magazine advertising may cause chaos and infighting on your advertising team. Many people in marketing and advertising not only don’t know this information, but may refuse to even consider it.

That’s okay, because once you get it, you’ll be better armed to make smarter ad purchases going forward. And you’ll be backed by real world research that supports your decision.

The multi-channel reality has not made life easier for the folks who must decide where to spend their ad dollars. Tightening budgets combined with greater choices present huge challenges for all but the most expansive ad budgets.  Making these decisions should be based on facts and data, like those found in the latest MPA Factbook.

Magazines have staying power

More than 150 print magazine titles have thrived for more than 50 years; only nine TV programs can say the same, according to the MPA’s report. Aligning your brand with a magazine gives your message extra staying power that digital and even broadcast media can’t offer.

Magazines reach a wide target audience

The top 25 print magazines reach far more adults (48% more) and teens (+198%) than the top 25 regularly scheduled primetime TV shows. Advertising in magazines, even if they aren’t in the top 25, gives your message a huge boost in exposure.

And what about those readers you are reaching? Are they buying what you’re selling? Magazine readers spend more time – and more money – online than non-readers, by a wide margin. The numbers are compelling: 45% of magazine readers made a purchase online in the past 30 days, compared to 26% of nonreaders.

Magazine ads grab attention and improve reader engagement

Print magazines are the most preferred place to look at advertising and rank #1 in commanding consumer attention and advertising acceptance.  According to MPA figures, the average reader spends 40 minutes reading each print issue, ads and all.

Magazines rank higher than the Internet and TV in terms of being seen as inspirational, life-enhancing, trustworthy and socially relevant.  They engage deeply and profoundly across the board.

Magazines have tremendous influence

People are most influenced and inspired by magazine media over websites or commercial television.

In fact, almost twice as many people say they pay attention to advertising in magazines compared to websites or ad-supported TV. And they are more likely to learn about, and buy, new products from magazine ads. Those magazine ads become part of the overall experience of the media, unlike online and broadcast ads that are primarily seen as interruptive.

Armed with information from a solid, well-respected source like the MPA Factbook, maybe it’s time to take a second look at how you plan to spend your ad dollars this year.

Source: Magazine Media, 2013/2014 MPA Factbook,  2014.



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