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Magazine Ads Continue to Engage and Motivate

What ad medium shows “remarkably consistent and high levels of recall and actions taken”? None other than print magazine ads, according to GfK Starch research.

The findings, based on customer engagement analysis of more than half a million print ads, show that “35% of magazine readers have taken action on a print magazine ad in 2014,” reports Print in the Mix.

The actions measured by the Starch report include buying the product or service, recommending the product or service, visiting the advertiser’s website, joining the advertiser’s social network, and/or using the QR code in the ad.

Recall was consistently strong too: When asked about a specific print magazine ad, 52% of readers said they recall noting the ad.

What does this mean for advertisers?

Simply put, magazines still have major pull among readers. The figures are essentially the same as those reported by a similar study in 2010 and demonstrate that print ads have lost none of their luster in the face of digital increases.

“The Starch data show that magazine ads have lost little or none of their power to motivate consumers,” said Dr. Michal Galin, EVP of GfK’s Starch Advertising Research in a company press release.

“Each of the actions we measure represents a high level of engagement; and, when it comes to joining a social network or the use of a QR code, print magazine ads are moving consumers into a digital universe where longer term relationships can be developed and tracked. The result is deeper connections with brands, and a greater likelihood to buy.”

This is good news for advertisers frustrated with the lackluster results of mobile advertising and digital media who are looking for ways to broaden their reach. As print ad become increasingly innovative, and digital ads continue to be part of the fire hose, there’s a great business case for upping your print ad budget.

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