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Where’s the Print in Your Funnel?

Where’s the Print in Your Funnel?

We’ve known for a while now that campaigns are more effective when print is part of the mix. Now, new research from Millward Brown shows that print has the power to continue to engage long after other channels have fallen off. Guy Consterdine in FIPP notes, “TV and online advertising showed diminishing returns after four … Continue reading

  • Money clip, wallet, car keys, smart phone, chewing gum, spare change....Wait,..... smart phone!?  Think about it for a minute. Look around right now where ever you are and I would bet you see someone on their smart phone.  They are everywhere we look these days. This is a tremendous opportunity for automotive marketers to take advantage to reach more potential car buyers by "getting into their pockets."  The average person checks their phone 110 times a day!  Think about the last time you received a text message. Did you open and read it right away?  Calls get sent to voicemail, emails are ignored until later, but text messages are opened immediately in most cases.  Not only are those text messages read right away, most respond quickly to the message. So, how do you get your inventory in the car buyers pocket?  OMG, lol, it's simple. Texting!  A solution in which Mr. Car Shopper sends a simple text message to see more photos of YOUR INVENTORY that in turn is sent to their smart phone.  Now that Wheeler Dealer has captured the the buyer for Mr. Dealer, you engage by texting them back in conversation.  Sell the appointment, sell more cars and make more money! Wheeler Dealer has the answer and the solution to more deals and more profit.